In today’s news we learn that Microsoft is partnering with the Paramount Pictures to promote the new movie Star Trek Into Darkness. The campaign will consist of many cross-promotions, including adding Klingon to the list of languages supported by Bing Translator. The idea of cross-promotions and product placement is nothing new. I’ll spare you any […]

PRODUCT placement has become something of a minor art in recent years because, to be effective, it must be noticed but not blatantly so, lest it proves to be self-defeating when audiences groan at yet another plug. Sponsors, who pay to have their goods displayed, do not want to insult viewers by being too obvious, […]

Last week, Apple revealed one of its biggest marketing secrets in federal court: The company relies heavily on free product placement in television shows and movies. And Apple has a fascinating history of product placement, which it doesn’t like to talk about. Bloomberg reports that Apple’s marketing chief, Phil Schiller, said that “One of Apple’s […]

The 15 Most Shameless Movie Product Placements Of All Time (according to Business Insider) What is most memorable about Baz Luhrman’s movie adaptation of The Great Gatsby?The lavish parties? The silk shirt scene? Or is it the multitude of product placements that pervade the film from beginning to end? For marketers who invested heavily in […]

<script height=”338px” width=”600px” src=”″></script&gt; (The link doesn’t seem to be working, tut, tut)   Films have long featured product placement, but it’s not always obvious. Sometimes, the brands featured in a story serve as storytelling purpose, as in the new Warner Bros. movie, “The Great Gatsby”. — Bloomberg video above SOURCE: NOTE: Liking the […]

Brands have found a comfortable and extremely profitable niche in product placement in film. As early as 1927 there was product placement in film, it was Hershey’s Chocolate. Since that time product placements in film have increased dramatically. In 1995 with the film GoldenEye $100 million dollars was invested in product placement. With the advertising […]

HENNEKO (Hentai Ōji to Warawanai Neko.) light novel author Sou Sagara commented on his Twitter feed on Thursday about the recent use of product placement in the anime adaptation of his novel series. These comments arose less than a week after the airing of the third episode of the anime last Saturday, which featured a […]